Who are We?:

TourExpect Travel and Tourism is a leading provider of first-class tourism services at the highest levels in terms of programs, activities and tours.

Our extensive experience and our dealings with the most important and best companies, tourism agents and tourist facilities around the world is what distinguishes us from other companies.

Your safety and comfort is one of our first concerns and the most important reason for choosing us as the best tourism agent around the world.

We make our customers' dreams come true.

Why Tourexpect Company?:

We have excellent experience over the years in the tourism market, we always care about the comfort of our valued customers, and we aim to provide comfort, complete safety and the necessary instructions for all our valued customers to make their trip safe with us, and to explore the tourist attractions in all countries of the world, in various Turkish and Arab cities around the world.

We provide our services before, during and after travel, and we remain in full contact with our customers wherever they are. We are distinguished by a decent reception and farewell to and from the airport, nice company with tour guides who speak several languages ​​for easy communication with our customers during their tours.

On our site, we also offer free tips and advice for lovers of enjoyable travels, and we provide airline tickets to all countries of the world, hotel and resort reservations in several degrees, group trips within the groups and others with special offers. We strive to provide the best diverse tourism programs, luxury tourist transportation, car rental, and furnished hotel apartments at the best prices.

Our passion for travel and exploring new destinations is limitless.


Our team:

We have a full team of professionals and experts in the secrets and mysteries of entertainment, and specialists in the field of tourism.

We include the largest number of professionals of all nationalities and we operate a system that is compatible with labor laws in all countries.

We deal with the best specialized companies that serve tourism.

Our services:

All of our customers who book with us have a unique experience, and enjoy the best offers that we offer them.

We have unparalleled ready-made packages, as well as bespoke packages according to customers' request and on the days they desire.

We also provide great deals for the newlyweds where we pay attention to the smallest details, and provide the best for them.


Our services include:

  • Reservation of airline tickets on all international and domestic airlines to all parts of the world, for all classes, at the best and cheapest prices and the best features.
  • Book comfortable hotel accommodation with star ratings and carefully selected grades of hotels, resorts, islands, furnished apartments and villas.
  • Reception and farewell to and from the airport, with the latest and most luxurious cars and luxury tourist vans.
  • Programs and special tours.
  • Providing optional tourist activities on request with the presence of professional tour guides who are fluent in several languages.
  • Awesome honeymoon programs.
  • Health insurance.
  • Visa for several countries.