Elevit Tour

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Tour Overview

Have you ever experienced like fantasy that the river coming from the mountains runs through the middle of the plateau and the small wooden bridge over the river? With the calm, clean air and endemic plants, you'll say you're glad you're here.

Tour Highlights

  • Elevate Plateau and Chat Tour. After taking from Çayeli, Pazar, and Ardeşen districts along the Black Sea coastal road.
  • Head to Fırtına Valley and take a sliding break in Timisvat.
  • Cobush Bridge after the tour along Firtina rewards a 25-minute break at Kobosh Bridge.
  • Cat Valley, Çinova Village (Gençiva), take a 20-minute photo break with the magnificent view of the single-arch Çinçiva Bridge, formerly known as Çinçiva.
  • Arrive at Zil Castle. After a half-hour break in Zilkale,
  • Boxwood forest. After completing our boxwood tour, proceed to Elevit Plateau and Elevit Plateau.
  • Get to the place where the famous bridge is located. Our guests can pop into the stream and relax.
  • Departure to Chat Gilanch Bridge.
  • Finish the tour by walking around the bridge and the green area on the other side of the bridge.

Tour Inclusion

  • Transportation by tour vehicle
  • Tour leader
  • In-car catering

Important Information

  • Our tour vehicles will be arranged according to the number of participants and will be made with tour vehicles of 15 - 29 - 46 people. Our daily tours have definite departures. The right-left or aisle, window side guarantee, and seat guarantee are not given in the vehicle layout plan. Vehicle make and model are not specified. The agency can change the vehicle when necessary. Our staff has the right to change the program flow according to the weather and road conditions.