Kadiralak Tour

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Tour Overview

The plateau Kadiralak is famous for its “blue star” flowers. These flowers are opened in April every year, and Access to the plateau is easy with holidaymakers’ comments. It is worth seeing this plateau, where you will be accompanied by wonderful views along the way.

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy your arrival to Kadıralak Plateau, which is covered with a purple cover with the blooming of blue dahlias in the first spring and it fascinates us.
  • Visit Tonya Canik Waterfall and the hiking trail at the waterfall.
  • Tea break.
  • Horon Festival.
  • You Tell The pond where the Black Sea was taken.

Tour Inclusion

  • Transportation by tour vehicle
  • Tour leader
  • In-car catering

Important Information

  • Our tour vehicles will be arranged according to the number of participants and will be made with tour vehicles of 15 - 29 - 46 people. Our daily tours have definite departures. The right-left or aisle, window side guarantee, and seat guarantee are not given in the vehicle layout plan. Vehicle make and model are not specified. The agency can change the vehicle when necessary. Our staff has the right to change the program flow according to the weather and road conditions.