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Located in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a nation with a rich history and cultural heritage. It is renowned for its ancient temples, which draw millions of tourists each year.

The country's southern coast boasts pristine beaches that are gaining popularity among beach enthusiasts. Cambodia also offers opportunities for adventure tourism, with trekking, cycling, and wildlife watching in its national parks and protected areas. Battambang, a picturesque town, is known for its well-preserved French colonial architecture and burgeoning arts scene.

Despite its tourist appeal, Cambodia faces challenges such as developing its infrastructure and addressing socio-economic issues. However, the country's unique cultural heritage, natural beauty, and warm hospitality of its people make it a captivating destination for travelers interested in history, culture, and outdoor adventures.

Visa Requirements

  • Scan of Passport ( Valid at least 6 months )
  • Personal Photo
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Vaccination Card

Cambodia Visa

TypeNo. of Entriesen ValidityEn Processing TimeAdult PriceChild Price
30 Days Single Entry90 Days5 to 7 Days65$65$
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